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Use Protein Shakes? 11 Reasons You Should Be

Why Use Protein ShakesShould you use protein shakes

So you’re doing everything right in the gym, consistently training hard and your diet is spot on, but you aren’t getting any closer to the body you desire. You start to feel maybe there is something wrong with your genetics, or maybe you’re not training hard enough. Maybe you think what’s the point if you’re not going to see any improvement. After all, for many of you I’m sure the whole point in going to the gym is to continually improve. Maybe even one day look like your hero (Franco Columbo for me). Well for many of you I’m sure the answer is protein. For you that don’t know let me tell you why you should use protein shakes.



We’ve all had the feeling, when you’re dieting and all you can think about is food due to your hunger. Well protein could be the answer. A study in 2005 by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition tested the effects eating a high protein breakfast could have on appetite.

Losing Fat Without Losing Muscle

Have you cut the calories and are trying to get rid of some excess fat as fast as possible? Well you’ll be interested in this 12 week study by researchers in Minnesota , where participants had a calorie deficit of 500 calories. Half of the participants where given whey protein and the other half were given an isocaloric mix beverage. All participants lost a significant amount of weight. However those who consumed whey lost a significant higher percentage of body fat (6.1%) in total) If there was ever a reason to use a protein shake this is it. You can find the latest deals here.

Increase In Size and Strength

A review in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found some interesting information. The researchers analyzed previous studies that compared strength gains and body composition changes when the participants supplemented their protein intake with the use of protein shakes etc. They found that a higher daily protein intake was always more effective. Also they found that an average increase of protein intake by 66% percent resulted in significant strength and body composition gains.

Overall Health Benefits

Poor metabolic health is an ever increasing global epidemic, from the estimates we’re currently receiving from countries including the US and China. But studies have shown that the consumption of dairy protein, which can be supplemented with a whey protein shake can have positive effects on metabolic health.  If they are used in conjunction with lifestyle changes including weight training.


One of the downfalls of modern day life is we all seemed to be far more stressed than our ancestors. In fact, according to a 2005 study of all EU member states, stress effected an average of 22% working Europeans. The effect on the EU economy in 2002 was calculated at 20,000 million euros.  Studies have shown that the use of protein shakes have been shown to be positively beneficial when it comes to mood, stress, and cognition.

Help With Diabetes

Whey protein also lowers levels of blood glucose, which can be very useful to diabetes sufferers. This is thought to happen because the increase in protein levels can stimulate Insulin production from the Pancreas.

Increase Immunity

Yes that’s right the use of protein shakes can improve your body’s immunity levels. The reason for this is protein shakes can contain between 10% – 15% of Immunoglobulin, a powerful antibody.

Healthy Heart

Everyone at the moment is worried about the health of their heart and it can be tricky to understand what’s going to help keep your heart healthy. Well good news a study investigated the use of protein shakes and the effects it can have on heart health. They tested 20 participants with 10 having a concentrate of whey and the rest having a placebo. After 8 weeks the study showed the supplemented group had higher levels of good cholesterol, along with healthy triglyceride and systolic blood pressure levels.

Live Longer

A test on rats supplementing there diets with branched chain amino, which can be gained from the use of protein shakes found there life expectancy increase by 12%. In relation to humans this could provide us with an extra 9.7 years of beautiful life. As you can see protein shakes aren’t magic but they’re pretty damn close.


Another reason for the use of protein shakes can be the cost versus real food. Now let me start by saying food is extremely important but it can be extremely expensive if you need a lot of protein in your daily diet. This is where protein shakes can’t be beaten they’re very affordable, especially with my protein shake discount codes.

Quick and Handy

Ever wake up late, run around the house and don’t have time to get a proper breakfast. I think we can all admit to doing this, me probably more than most if I’m honest. This is when using protein shakes can really save you and your diet, they take less than a minute to make and keep you on the right track away from chocolate snack bars (Damn you chocolate flapjacks)


I was going to write the article as ten benefits of protein shakes but I got carried away and ended up with eleven. Don’t forget to check our latest discount codes and vouchers



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